Player Impact

We love helping out the seniors in our community!

Every season, the Golden Rockets ignite more than just the ice in the hearts of Golden's residents as they immerse themselves in the vibrant community. Beyond their prowess on the rink, these athletes seamlessly integrate into the fabric of Golden, weaving bonds that strengthen with each game. From assisting with Golden Minor Hockey to volunteering with local events and organizations, the Golden Rockets make their presence felt off the ice as much as on it. Whether they're participating in community clean-up efforts or visiting schools to inspire the next generation of players, their commitment to giving back is unwavering. As the seasons change, so do the ways in which the Golden Rockets contribute to the community, ensuring that their impact resonates long after the final buzzer sounds.

Here is the team testing their climbing skills at the Dirtbag Climbing Gym in Golden.

It is our fervent hope and expectation that this lesson of community involvement resonates deeply with our young men, guiding their actions and commitments long into their futures.

If you would like to have our players help with anything in the community, or attend an event, please email to make arrangements.

Do you have an event that you would like to Rockets to attend or assist with?  Do you have a project that you need a few extra hands for? 

If you’re interested in requesting assistance or an appearance by the Golden Rockets players, simply reach out to our community liaison via our application form. It’s easy and efficient!

The Community Liaison will contact you to arrange specific details, and indicate if it’s something that we can not assist with.

Getting ready to head out on the Terry Fox Run.
Playing games with some of the Abbeyfield House residents.
The Golden Rockets team spent the day checking out the SkyBridge.