Hockey Operations


Base Health and Wellness. (Cross Training) The Golden Rockets, parents and players are pleased to partner up with Jenn and her staff. Please click onto the banner and review the link to obtain further information in regards to the facility, staff and program.

The following information was provided by Jenn.

“Athletes will receive customized programming that is introduced by one of our certified coaches. Safety is our top priority so it is important that athletes know how to execute the movements safely and effectively. Athletes will also be shown how to use the equipment correctly.

Programming will cycle every 4-6 weeks with new workouts introduced by our coaches at the start of every cycle. It’s important that the exercises prescribed will relate back to on ice performance.
Areas of Speed, Power, Strength, Agility and Mobility will all be addressed within progressive programming and with measurable results. Athletes will have access to their programming in our app Chalk it Pro. Within the app, athletes can record the results of their workouts to measure their improvement and allow our coaches to program effectively. This will produce the best results and also create athlete accountability.

Open gym hours will be available to the team so they can come and train together. A coach will be on site to answer questions and ensure athlete safety.”