Are you looking to make a meaningful impact on a young athlete’s life while enriching your own family’s experience? Billeting a junior hockey player could be the perfect opportunity for you! With the upcoming hockey season on the horizon, local families are being called upon to open their doors families are being called upon to open their doors and hearts to these dedicated young athletes.

Billeting is a tradition deeply rooted in the hockey community, where families host players from out of town, providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment during the hockey season. While the primary purpose is to provide a home away from home for these athletes, the benefits extend far beyond just providing a place to stay.

Here are the top 5 benefits of being a billet family

  • Cultural Exchange: Hosting a junior hockey player opens up opportunities for cultural exchange as you welcome someone from a different background into your home. Sharing meals, traditions, and experiences can foster mutual understanding and appreciation for diversity.
  • Building Lasting Relationships: Billeting allows for the formation of lasting bonds between the player and the host family. Many billet families develop lifelong friendships with the players they host, creating connections that extend beyond the hockey season.
  • Supporting Young Athletes: By billeting a junior hockey player, you play a crucial role in supporting their athletic pursuits. Providing a stable and supportive home environment enables the player to focus on their training and development, ultimately contributing to their success on the ice.
  • Enhanced Family Dynamics: Hosting a hockey player can enrich your family dynamics by introducing new perspectives and experiences. It provides an opportunity for your family to come together and support a common goal, fostering teamwork and unity.
  • Making a Difference: Being a billet family allows you to make a meaningful difference in the life of a young athlete. Your support and guidance can have a profound impact on their personal and athletic development, shaping them into confident and well-rounded individuals.

As the upcoming hockey season approaches, consider opening your home to a junior hockey player and becoming a billet family. Not only will you be providing invaluable support to a young athlete, but you’ll also be enriching your own family’s life in the process. Join the ranks of billet families across the community and make a positive impact today!


What is a billet family?

A billet host family is where a player lives during the season. A player’s home-away-from-home.

Are billet families paid?

A pre-established fee per player per month is paid directly to the billet family. This assists with additional household expenses such as food and drink.

Do I have to be involved with hockey to be a billet family?

Although we would love to have you as a fan, you do not have to be involved in hockey to be billet family. What you need is the desire to support someone else’s goals and dreams.

How many meals do I have to provide?

Billet families are asked to provide at least 1 prepared meal per day, with availability to groceries for players to make snacks and other meals on their own.

Is there a “typical” Host family?

There is no typical family. Host families may be two-parent families, single-parent families and occasionally an “empty nester”.The common denominator is a desire by the host family to make a difference in a player’s life.

How many players can a family host?

A family can host 2 players. Some billet families have hosted up to 3. By hosting more than one player it provides company and support to the player. It also assists with transportation and car pooling when matched with a player with a vehicle. The only requirement is that each player has adequate space/living arrangements. Players may share a room but must have own bed, access to a closet or dresser and acceptable access to a restroom.

How long does a player stay?

Players arrive in late August. The hose family commitment is through the end of the hockey season (March).

Will the same player stay with us?

Players are meant to stay with the same billet family throughout the duration of the hockey season. There sometimes becomes a need for a player to leave the team or be moved to another billet home and the need for the host family to take in a new player.

Who is responsible for players medical expenses?

Players must have their own medical insurance and are responsible for their own medical expenses. Players are covered through Hockey Canada for any hockey related injuries. Billet families are never responsible for medical payments.

Do players join our family for personal events?

You are welcome to invite players to join you for family celebrations or activities: however, it is not mandatory for you to do so. All players will have time off at the Christmas holidays.

Will I have to pass a background check?

Yes, the billet family members who are age 18+ will be required to complete a vulnerable sector police record check.

What does the Billet Family Provide?

A) Room – Billet host families provide a private bedroom for the player. Players should not be housed in a room with anyone of the household family. The billet home should be clean and organized.

B) Meals – Basic meals – 3 times a day (do not need to be prepared, but ingredients need to be purchased for preparation)

C) Monitoring of Behavior – Billet host families assist the Golden Rockets management by ensuring that each player complies with the KIJHL rules and regulations. In addition, billet host families may impose reasonable additional rules to fit their lifestyle.

D) Internet Access – Billet host families are responsible to provide internet access to players. Not only is this a necessity to players personally but is required to stay connected to team apps and communication and to their families.

E) Transportation – Players are responsible to provide or find their own transportation. However, if a billet host family chooses to assist and provide transportation, it is highly recommended that the player is not allowed to drive a billet host family vehicle. If a player is allowed to drive a billet host family vehicle, the family assumes responsibility and must ensure the player has proper vehicle and their insurance policy is valid.

What does the Billet Family Not Provide?

A) Unlimited Food. Billet Families are not responsible for supplying an unlimited amount of food or snacks, nor are they expected to provide meals on an erratic schedule. Players are asked to eat what is a reasonable menu and should conform to the meal schedule of the billet family.

B) Non –Essential Items: The purchase of non -essential or personal items by the player is not the financial responsibility of the billet families. Protein powders, supplements, personal preference snacks, personal hygiene products medications etc.

C) Long Distance Telephone: Players should have their own phones with their own data and long-distance plans. Players should not be using Billet Home Families home phone lines for their personal use.

D) Electronics – Billet Host Families are not required to place televisions, telephones, stereos, computers, or any other electronics in the player’s room. If the billet family has extra electronics, they would like to lend to the player for use during their stay is appropriate but not required.

When will the billet player arrive?

Each year players will generally arrive in mid-August at a date dependent upon the preseason practice required to prepare for the season. This also allows sufficient time for high school student enrollment and get prepared for their school year. Billet compensation begins for the first full month of the player’s residency.

When do I get paid?

Billet families’ fees are paid on the 1st of each month. There will be times during the season that players will be away from their billet homes for longer period. Billet family fees may be adjusted if players are arriving or leaving throughout the season.

a) Payment will be collected by The Golden Rockets and paid out to the billet host family.

b) If a player’s billet fees are delayed in being received, payment to the billet family will still be paid on time.

What happens if we must leave home for an extended period?

Players shall not be left alone without adult supervision overnight. If a billet host family has vacation plans, work obligations that will result in an overnight absence, the Billet Coordinator will place in a temporary housing until the billet host family returns and inform the Head Coach and the Organization of the temporary change. Arrangements must be made, through the Billet Coordinator, for the player(s) to stay with another host family. In this incident if the stay is longer than 4 days the next month’s billet fees will be adjusted, and the alternative host family will be compensated.

What kind of support will I be provided?

The Billet Coordinator will serve as your point person for all your basic questions or concerns. They will also provide ongoing support to you and your family throughout each player’s stay. Additionally, they will provide regular check ins via phone and in person.

How will the billet player fit into our family?

The Golden Rockets put a great amount of effort into placing players in the homes of families for compatibility. As a result, no problems are anticipated once the players and families have had time to adjust to one another. However, there may be times when player and billet family are simply not compatible by no fault of anyone. In addition, there are situations where the Billet Host Family lifestyle may have an unexpected change. At those times, the billet host family simply contacts the Billet Coordinator and the Head Coach to plan to remove the player from their home and arrange a player change.