Welcome to the future of Rockets Hockey in Golden, British Columbia!  We aren’t just on the lookout for exceptional hockey players; we are scouting for outstanding individuals who uphold the highest standards both on and off the ice.

Our dream is to assemble a team of players whose work ethic, determination, and love for the game is unparalleled. Our vision extends beyond the present—we’re crafting the foundation for a powerhouse. We are about to embark on a journey that the Golden Rocket’s hockey program has never witnessed, and the prospect of you being part of this extraordinary journey with us is truly something special.

Armed with a dynamic new coaching staff, with top-tier sport performance expertise and an unmatched hockey IQ, the Rocket’s future is undeniably bright. We take pride in our ability to elevate athletes to the next level through our extensive hockey connections and countless hours devoted to refining your game. This ensures you acquire the skills needed to compete at the highest level.

Our commitment to you extends far beyond the arena walls. We value players who understand the impact of their influence and take pride in signing autographs for our young fan base who will idolize you. We are looking for individuals who shine not only on the ice but also actively engage with the community of Golden, recognizing the power they hold to uplift and inspire others.

Join us in the pursuit of success. The momentum is building, and with the support of an entire Golden community behind us, we believe that greatness lies on the horizon.

Review our recruitment information here or contact our Head Coach & General Manager Jed Houseman.