Calcutta Shootout Fundraiser

Junior B Hockey

On February 10th, The Golden Rockets will be holding a Calcutta Shootout Fundraiser

What is a Calcutta Shootout?

The shootout will consist of the 21 Rockets skaters, the 2 Rockets’ goaltenders and 2 mystery shooters in a knock-out style format.  Fans get to bid on the player they think is most likely to win the shootout.  The bidding will commence online on our Facebook page here and will stop at noon on the designated game day.  Bidding will then resume at 6:30pm in person at the game itself and will fully close at the end of the second intermission.

The shootout will take place immediately after the game.

How does it work?

Round 1 – The shooters and goalies will be divided into two groups.  Each shooter will shoot on the goalie in their group.  If the shooter scores, they move onto the second round.  If they do not score, they are eliminated.  The goalie with the highest save percentage after the first round will then move onto the final.

Round 2  – The shooters who scored in Round 1, will take one shot on the eliminated goalie.  If they don’t score, they are eliminated. This round will continue until there are three shooters remaining.  At this stage, the shoot out will advance to the final round.

Final – If the goalie stops all three shooters, the goalie takes first place.  If the goalie wins, shooters continue in a sudden death format to determine second, third & fourth. If any shooters score in the first go-around of the final, they place ahead of the goalie.  If any shooter fails to score, they are eliminated in that round of the final.  If all shooters fail to score, there will be an immediate sudden death between them to determine placement.

These final rounds will continue until each shooter and the goalie is placed between first through to fourth.

Winners & Payouts

1st Place – 25% of total raised

2nd Place – 10%

3rd Place – 10%

4th Place – 5%

Rockets Organisation – 50%


Photo Credit: Bill Pringle Photography