Local Families Encouraged to Billet Golden Rockets Hockey Players

The Golden Rockets are calling upon local families to open their homes and hearts to junior hockey players in need of billet families. Billeting, a longstanding tradition in the hockey community, involves providing a supportive and nurturing environment for young athletes as they pursue their dreams on the ice. Here’s everything you need to know about billeting and why it’s a rewarding experience for both families and players alike.

What is Billeting?
Billeting is a process wherein local families host junior hockey players who have moved to the area to play for a team. Our players, typically aged 16 to 20, require a stable and welcoming environment where they can live during the hockey season. Billet families provide them with room, board, and a supportive atmosphere that fosters both personal and athletic growth.

FAQs About Billeting:
1. Do we need to have a hockey background to billet a player?
No prior hockey experience is necessary! Billeting families come from all walks of life, and what matters most is providing a caring and inclusive home environment.
2. How long do players typically stay with billet families?
Players usually stay for the duration of the hockey season, which typically spans from September to March.
3. Will billeting disrupt our family routine?
While there may be adjustments initially, billeting can be seamlessly integrated into your family’s routine. Players often become part of the family, participating in household activities and contributing to chores as any other family member would. Players are responsible for getting themselves to and from their practices and other commitments.
4. What if there are conflicts or issues with the player?
The Rockets provide support and guidance to both families and players throughout the billeting experience. Any conflicts or issues can be addressed with the assistance of our dedicated billet coordinator.
5. Are there any financial obligations for billet families?
While billet families receive a monthly stipend to help cover the costs of hosting a player, the primary motivation for most families is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a young athlete’s life.

Top 5 Benefits of Being a Billet Family:
1. Building Lifelong Connections: Billeting allows families to form lasting bonds with players, often developing friendships that extend beyond the hockey season.
2. Cultural Exchange: Hosting a player from a different region or country provides an enriching cultural experience for both the billet family and the player.
3. Supporting Youth Athletics: By opening their homes to young athletes, billet families play a crucial role in supporting the development of local sports programs and fostering a sense of community pride. Rockets players assist with coaching minor sports in Golden.
4. Personal Growth: Billeting offers families the opportunity to mentor and guide a young person, contributing to their personal and athletic growth while gaining valuable insights and perspectives in return.
5. Memorable Experiences: From attending games together to celebrating victories and milestones, billet families create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

As the upcoming hockey season approaches, Golden families are encouraged to consider the rewarding experience of billeting. By opening your homes and embracing the spirit of community, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of aspiring young athletes and enrich your own family’s life in the process. Join the ranks of billet families across our community and make a positive impact today!

For more information, contact our dedicated billet coordinator, Tammy Nagao on 25 439 9557 or at billets@goldenrockets.com.