Ladies and genteleman, boys and girls, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is adversity.  We have all faced it and we have all battled through and made it to the other side.  Some of us have a little more bruises and scars to show for it, nonetheless we are still standing and ready to move forward.

Our hockey club has been through a lot in the last two years.  He have been through many changes in personnel, style, culture, administration, and operations to just name a few.  Yet even with all the changes the Golden Rockets Hockey Club  culture has remained positive, with a WINNING belief system.  Thanks to the creation of several new ideaologies by General Manager and Head Coach Chuck Wight the Golden Rockets now have a new team culture, team vision, team mission statement, and most importantly a WINNING atmosphere in hockey and all other areas of hockey development for our players.  Our WINNING philosophy doesn't just stop and start on the ice.  We are fully committed in spreading our WINNING philosophy of the ice as well by integrating our players with community members and leaders.  They say it takes a village, well our club also believes it takes opportunity, commitment and dedication.  These three words lead to WINNING on and off the ice for our players and staff.

We give players the OPPORTUNITY to develop their given natural talent on the ice with player development and instruction in all facets of the game.  With increased attention on players skating ability, agility, and skate edge performance that can help lead to higher output in game situations.  This includes working on core skating competencies such as inside and outside edges, which help players in exceleration, balance, and transistion from forward to backwards while maintaining speed and agility.  We also work on developing players Hockey IQ in the offensive, defensive, and neutral zones regardless of the players speciality.  A player that can evolve their game at all ends of the ice is a more complete player who can offer support to his teammates rather then a one way, one dimensional player who can only work in certain situations.  The OPPORTUNITY is available for any player that wants to join our club and take their game to the next level.

When it comes to off the ice performance, we give the players the OPPORTUNITY to meet the locals and learn about everything Golden has to offer.  Our community is a great place to learn and grow in your personal and professional life.  Our players will meet with professionals and citizens from all areas of life and backgrounds, to learn about culture, history, compassion and honour.  These words don't get used in hockey that often especially when it comes to matters off the ice.  At the end of the day we are raising young men and woman and there is no better teacher in life than experience and knowledge from those who have been through it all.  Culture, history, compassion and honour are the foundation for building a great individual who can contribute to society in a meaningful way durring and after hockey.  We encourage our players to meet people in our community and use these four words to build their own foundation and possibly open the door to a new passion and new lease on a plan B, which can lead to a new profession after hockey has concluded.

We give players the COMMITMENT to be a part of something bigger and better then they have ever been a part of in their hockey journey.   Players must COMMIT into the work ethic on the ice and off the ice.  Players must COMMIT into the culture one the ice and off the ice.  Players must COMMIT to their hockey development on and off the ice.  Playing for the Golden Rockets means a player must COMMIT to being a ROCKET in all facets they are faced.  We are in a marriage that requires several different personalities to work together for a common goal.  That goal is to WIN.  On ice COMMITTMENT is a crucial step in a players development that will eventually lead to championships and a well built hockey player with experience and knowledge about the game and all it has to offer.  However the only way to achieve this status is by being able to show your COMMITMENT to the Golden Rockets.

A Golden Rockets hockey player has to show his COMMITMENT to the community in Golden.  This community loves its Rockets Hockey Club and the players who come from other families and communities to build this team.  The team is always going to be endebited to the locals of Golden.  Its the community who becomes our billet families, its the locals who put in endless volunteer hours, its all the kids who look up to every rockets player like he is a NHL professional.  This part of team life for each player will build core values and competencies that will have positive results for everyone, especially and specifically the player.  Small town life has many privileges and bennifets, and one of the most important benefit Golden has to offer is the sense of community and family.  Your son becomes the towns son.  He is looked after and cared for not just by the billet family, he is looked after and cared for by every citizen of this town. A players COMMITTMENT to the club is returned by the town of Golden's COMMITTMENT to your son.

We give players the DEDICATION of becoming and excelling at being a professional hockey player.  DEDICAITON on the ice begins with strict on ice instruction and drills focused on player development.  Golden Rockets hockey starts with its players working harder then any other players in the league.  We can only achieve the WINNING  philosophy when players are ready to show DEDICATION in their game.  It takes a great deal of time and energy for a player to learn a new skill and implement it into a game situation.  Our coaching staff places a great deal of emphasis on offensive DEDICATION, defensive DEDICATION, and neutral zone DEDICATION.  It does not matter if you are a goalie, forward, or defencemen our staff teaches the importance of being a full and complete player.  We are not building one dimensional hockey players in our program.  We are building fully adabtalble hockey players that can conform to any hockey situation on the ice, so that this player is able to give his teammates the best opportunity to WIN in any games situation.  Skills, drills, and pucks can only take a hockey player so far in his development.  Its buying into our team DEDICATION that will push our hockey players over the rest and complete the chase to every championship.

When it comes to DEDICATION off the ice its up to the player himeself.  At this point all the tools we have given the player are left to him in the way that he conducts himself off the ice with members of the community.  The DEDICATION to the community is about respecting the town on behalf of the Golden Rockets.  Its the town who has taken you in so that you can pursue your hockey dream.  As a players begins to show DEDICATION to hockey early in their life, they begin to mold into the person they will also becomes off the ice.  Sometimes we all need a little help to get through the hard times in our lives.  This is especially true for young players who must move away from home in order to player a higher level of hockey.  We encorugre all our hockey players to engage members of our town because it helps to build them as people in a new community.  It also helps them in times of need when they can't open up to staff or rockets personnel.  Sometimes its a local who was helped guide and provide advice so that one of our players is making the best decision for himself.  Regardless of the support a player receives building a sense of self worth, pride, and respect comes from the player and the community who has adopted these players as their sons.

A Golden Rockets hockey players journey is about hockey growth and development.  Be that player you have always wanted to be, standby for take-off from your local home town and join the Golden Rockets Jr. B Hockey Team today!