Golden Rockets Seek Alumni from 1991 to Present: A Journey Through Time

In an endeavor to reconnect with its rich history and celebrate the journey it has undertaken over the years, the Golden Rockets Junior Hockey Team has embarked on a mission to track down its alumni dating back to its inception as a Society in 1991.  We'd also like to acknowledge there is a long history of Rockets Hockey prior to 1991.  For now, we're focusing our resources on our more recent past.

The team, which has been a cornerstone of our community for decades, is extending an invitation to all former players, coaches, staff, and volunteers to register to become part of this nostalgic journey. Through this initiative, the Golden Rockets aim to foster a sense of camaraderie among past and present members while honoring the legacy that has shaped the team.

"We believe that every individual who has been part of the Golden Rockets family holds a special place in our hearts," remarked Head Coach Jed Houseman, reflecting on the significance of the initiative. "Their contributions, both on and off the ice, have played an integral role in shaping the identity and spirit of our team."

To facilitate communication and connection, the team has announced plans for upcoming events and exclusive communication channels specifically tailored for alumni. Whether it's reminiscing about past victories, sharing memorable moments, or simply catching up with old friends, these gatherings will serve as a platform for alumni to relive their Golden Rockets experience.

"We want our alumni to know that they are valued and appreciated members of our community," expressed Lucille Hayward, the team's President. "Their dedication and passion have laid the foundation for the success and growth of our organization, and it's only fitting that as we move forward we recognize and celebrate their contributions."

In addition to reaching out to former players and staff, the team is also extending an invitation to anyone else who may have memories, photos, or information from the team's early years. Whether it's a cherished photo from a championship game or a funny anecdote from a road trip, the Golden Rockets are eager to compile a comprehensive archive that captures the essence of their journey.

Individuals with historical insights or memorabilia are encouraged to reach out to the team via email at By pooling together these collective memories and experiences, the team hopes to create a lasting tribute to the legacy of the Golden Rockets. As the team gears up for what will hopefully be another exciting season on the ice, they invite all alumni and supporters to join them in celebrating the past, present, and future of the Golden Rockets. Through this initiative, the team aims to strengthen bonds, foster connections, and ensure that the Rockets Hockey spirit continues to burn bright for generations to come.