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JULY 28, 2019

Rockets partner with Golden's Gym for 2019-2020 season

Rockets partner with Golden's Gym for 2019-2020 season

Evan Li

The Golden Rockets are very pleased to announce their partnership with Golden's Gym for the 2019-2020 season.

The local business, under the new ownership of Jaime Lee, will provide an expanded facility and equipment for Rockets players to utilize during the season for their off-ice and dryland training.

"Purchasing the gym felt like the natural next step for me; I had always thought about owning my own business, but the opportunity never truly felt like it was within my reach until I moved to Golden," says new proprietor Jaime Lee. "I'd been a member of Golden's Gym for 3 and a half years, so I was already familiar with the facility, and liked what it represented to the community. I'm extremely passionate about health and fitness, so being able to share that passion with the residents and visitors of our beautiful town is a dream come true. "

"The original partnership with the gym and the Rockets was established between Keefer (founder of Golden's Gym) and Marco a few years back, so I'm pleased to continue building that legacy under the new ownership, "expands Jaime on the new partnership with the Rockets. "I have a strong appreciation for the team's involvement with the community, and as ambassadors for our town, so it's really exciting to able to contribute to their success in such a meaningful way."

"With so many fantastic resources at their disposal this season, I have full confidence in our boys to take it all the way through the playoffs."

Golden's Gym under Jaime Lee has been undergoing significant upgrades in order to turn it into a top notch facility for both Rockets players and the local populace alike. The new partnership provides Strength and Conditioning coach Tim Fedow and Skill Development coach Grant Iles with the resources necessary to administer and overlook players' off-ice workouts with more guidance and in more depth, expanding upon their organized training programs even further and providing a boost to the Rockets' development pathway.

"Ask any current member of Golden's Gym, and they'll certainly tell you, big things are happening! Staffed hours have been revamped, new equipment has been brought in, and more improvements are being made every day," says Lee of the new changes being brought about. "I don't want to give away all of the surprises, but rest assured; I've been hard at work, and have a very busy year ahead!"

"One of the most valuable resources thus far has been all of the feedback from the members of the gym (including a few Rockets players). Whether it be a suggestion, a request, or simply some words of encouragement - their comments have been heard, and I'm happy to say that many of them have already been answered! In the end, the goal is very simple: to provide the best gym experience possible for anyone who walks through the door."

The Golden Rockets would like to thank the Ramada Limited in Golden for hosting the Rockets' workout programs throughout 2018-19, and are looking forward to administering their training programs in a larger space specialized in accommodating larger group workouts.


The Golden Rockets have finalized the details of their main camp and preseason schedule, as well as the opening of main camp registration for prospective Rockets.

Main camp sessions will begin Friday afternoon on August 23rd to August 25th; sessions include dryland fitness testing, an information session, practice, interviews, and multiple intrasquad games with officials.

The Golden Rockets' main camp is invite-only; prospective registrants who are interested may contact Head Coach & GM Jeremy Blumes via email


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